28 June 2011

Quick plays: Proun and Battlefield bad company 2

Hey there, I just wanted to do a quick post about some cool stuff I've come across lately, and it's ALL about them games!
1. Proun is game where you race on a cylindric wire, avoiding obstacles and using boosts to win. The game has beautiful yet simple geometry and some "cool vive" jazz music. 

As it is an indie project made (over the span of six years) in his free time, Dutch creator Joost van Dongen has released it for the low price of "whatever you want to pay".

I definitely think this is worth a play so check it out.


Recently a friend of mine bought me a copy of Battlefield Bad Company 2 for the PC.
My old-ass machine runs it on super low settings but not so fast & smooth so I've stuck to the single player campaign and these are my reactions:
I know the multiplayer's where the fun's at but at least make it funny or lighthearted: The main characters are serious and bland, the lines that enemies sprout are unappealing and repetitive. I don't feel I am doing any good there, just following lengthy directions in a story I don't believe or care about.

 I think a good idea would be to let the player decide if he wants to play the campaign by the story or not and offer a version in which NPC's talk to you, THE PLAYER as people explaining the next section like: "Now you'll face enemies with rocket launchers and a couple of vehicles. Good luck!" and a brief analysis of your performance (time/bullets fired/hits/headshots/...) in between sections, like the "time attack mode" in some arcade games.

With that said, the ability to destroy walls and flank the enemies that way is pretty cool, there are some original missions and the sound of most weapons is rewarding.

I can't wait to play some more SP and possibly MP when my new gig arrives!

That's it so far, see ya in the comments!

6 December 2010

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors: SayanPikachu Review

999 is a Mystery-Horror story in which you play as Junpei, a college student who awakes immerse in a deadly game with 8 other people who will struggle through puzzles to find their way out of a fatal trap set up by a mysterious man.

The narrative in this game is grippingly intriguing: the characters are deep and the puzzles are compelling. You get a good feeling of accomplishment without getting stuck too often. The art is simple but looks great and the sound goes along nicely without standing out too much.

On the flip side, you'd miss a text-speed switch to accelerate the never-ending instructions at the very beginning of the story, but that becomes a lesser issue on later stages in the game. 
Very recommendable. (9)

17 July 2010

Just Cause 2 Is So Much More Than You Think - Just Cause 2 Mods Compilation

Playing Just Cause 2 Recently (Thanks to Steam's Summer Sale) I was amazed of how fun the game is, nevertheless, the more I played the more I realized that it had some issues: Ammo is scarce, cars are unreliable and the grappling hook is too short. With that in mind, I went online and found justcause2mods.com The official modding site for the game, where they can do THIS.

Just Cause 2 mods are basically small changes made to the game by the community. They don't affect savegames or story and can be played simultaneously with no major problem.

Installing mods for Just Cause 2 is the easiest thing ever:

1. You create a folder called "dropzone" in the game directory:
(Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\just cause 2) or (Program Files\just cause 2)

2. You paste the mods in the "dropzone" folder (or in just cause 2\archives_win32 depending on the mod)

you'll want to register on their page because they do an amazing job and they don't spam you

> Superman Flying Mod Version 3.2 : Just look at this:

>The BOLO Patch : A trainer that allows you to use multiple ropes, infinite health, infinite ammo...
---how to: Execute it after starting the game and check the options you want.

> HD Improved Clouds : This makes the clouds MUCH more beautiful.
 ---how to: extract it in "dropzone"

> Proper Sports Cars 1.1 : This makes sports cars behave better.
---how to: extract it in "dropzone"

>First-Person-Parachute-Reeling-and-Freefall : This makes you go to first person view while on the parachute and the hook. It's pretty cool.
---how to: extract the one you like in "dropzone"

>Everything Unlocked & Available Though the Black Market : A market tool for everything you can imagine and more.
---how to: extract it in "archives_win32"

> Dragonball Z Ninja : A Player skin to make you look similar to Goku.
---how to: extract it in "dropzone"

> 'The Scorpion' Ninja (skin) : A simple black ninja skin.
---how to: extract it in "dropzone"

> Ninja Camo Pack V.1 : Some ninja colors for you (white is cool as ice)
> Super Car Mod : Makes the Mancini Cavallo 1001 a god amongst cars, see:
---how to: extract it in "dropzone"

> Space Rockets Launchers : From now on, Bazookas launch nukes, that's it.
---how to: extract it in "dropzone"

> Triggered explosives and Increased grapple range : The combination of highly dangerous sticking bombs and a longer hook (the rope may show some visual bugs).
---how to: extract it in "dropzone" 

>Dual Wieldable Two Handed Weapons : Self explanatory, think dual rocket launchers
---how to: extract it in "dropzone"

>Hiding unequipped weapons : Use this if you have the previous mod, it makes weapons you are not using invisible.
---how to: extract it in "dropzone"

> Faster Sprint : Rico sprints at 8x speed
---how to: extract it in "archives_win32"

> Completely free camera : lets you move the camera freely, yes.
---how to: extract it in "dropzone"

>No Blackmarket Cutscenes v2 : This eliminates the cutscenes whenever you buy anything on the black market so you don't have to press enter to skip them.
---how to: extract it in "dropzone"

> No More Filmgrain! : Deletes the crap-tastic film-grain of the cutscenes.
---how to: extract it in "dropzone"

> Miscellaneous Shitbag : A Compilation of other mods, I haven't tried this one.

For more go to justcause2mods.com